Chelsea Chocolates


Chelsea Chocolates is the exclusive provider of all Sweets & Lo Chocolate Products. From our custom designed chocolate bars to our delicious assortments of truffles, the team at Chelsea Chocolates allows Sweets & Lo to provide our customers with only the highest quality, handmade, Belgian Chocolate treats and gifts.



Red, White, Sweet, or Oaky, Winescape Barrie has us covered. Barrie's premier Wine Making company is helping Sweets & Lo create our very own house wine for our gift boxes and is our preferred partner for our event planning services. 

You can find Sweets & Lo X Winescape collaboration gift packages at their location at 92 Commerce Park Drive in Barrie, ON.

Olive Studio


Lauren of Sweets & Lo contracts all Event Planning Services through Olive Studio. Their team of in-house stylists, photographers, florists and coordinators are top notch industry professionals that work out of the Greater Toronto Area.